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Thoughts you don’t want audiences to think #5


Thought #5:

Where is this going?

It’s a boring truth but audiences like structure.

That’s one of the reasons why the Internet is littered with listicles – stories such as:

  • Six ways to get that raise.
  • Four ways to know that she’s in love with you.
  • The six bosses you’ll have throughout your career.

You know the sort of thing.

Such structures enable the reader to get a grip on both topic and length before she even clicks. Your audiences are no different – they feel secure in the knowledge that you’re going to share with them.

Five secrets of staff engagement.

We are all for free-flowing presentations but they generally take greater skill to deliver and come with higher risk. Simple structures help audiences and may also help you develop your presentation.

Rather than a list you might opt for explaining to the audience that you’ll be answering four key questions:

  • Why don’t my staff want to come into work?
  • How do I turn this around in 12 months?
  • What will this do for my customers?
  • What will this do for my bottom line?
  • Once again, you get the idea.

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