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Public Speaking Advice


A Practical, Agenda Drawn From Experience

There’s no one way to be a great public speaker which is why our presentation training has a flexible agenda going far beyond body language and wardrobe cliches. 

We start with creating clear, compelling content full of examples, stories and your own experiences.

We examine your audiences to help you better connect and influence them.

And then we explore all the different tools and techniques at a speaker’s disposal – from audience engagement to audio visual. 

Understanding Your Audiences

Finding & Refining Your Stories

Identifying Perfect Examples

Walking & Talking

Lessening Dependence on Scripts

Audience Engagement Beyond Q&A

The First Three Minutes - Great First Impressions

The Three Minutes (making a successful dismount)

The Use & Abuse of PowerPoint

Props, voice & other Showbiz Techniques

Overcoming Shyness, portraying confidence

Explaining Your Concepts, Propositions, Issues

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