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Brett De Hoedt

Melbourne-based public speaking trainer speaker Brett de Hoedt has an intriguing CV. He worked as a journalist at Truth, New Idea and contributed to The Sunday Age, wrote opinion pieces for the Sydney Morning Herald, ABC Radio National and many more.

He was a radio producer before hosting for years on Melbourne’s 3AK and 3MP racking up a few thousand hours on the microphone tackling the issues of the day with newsmakers from politics, business, sports and entertainment. He was a television publicist with the Seven Network handling doyen Bruce McAvaney and Seven News as part of his portfolio.

In 1999 he founded communications agency Hootville Communications which handles media, marketing and communications. Hootville generates media coverage, creates campaigns, websites and video. It also delivers six training workshops including Presentation Savvy.

Brett’s worked for industries ranging from global philanthropy to waste water management via education, sports, retail, mental health, employment, disaster management, social enterprise and primary health. He’s got range, rave reviews and stuff to teach you so get in touch today.

Brett is a trainer who loves delivering training. That enthusiasm is infectious.

Brett knows that dramatic improvement is possible.

Brett doesn't force clients to fit into a formula. He works with people as he finds them.

Brett has trained people to present about sensitive and complex issues - not just product launches and 'motivational' speeches.

When not training...

Brett has made overseas volunteering sorties to India, Sri Lanka and Ghana with Habitat for Humanity and other charities.

In 2018 he co-founded Our City, Our Square which defied Apple and the Victorian Government to keep a proposed Apple superstore out of Melbourne’s Federation Square.

In 2019 Brett created the award-winning podcast The Hardest Word which is unique among its 2,000,000 peers. Each episode features a real person making a real apology.

The show has gained media coverage and contributions globally. He gardens constantly for little reward. He loves gluttony, dachshunds and shouting at the radio.

It Starts With A Conversation