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This week’s Optus debacle demonstrates yet again how important media training and public speaking skills are.

Poor presentation and media skills in a time of crisis only serve to exacerbate the damage created by the original calamity.

Optus CEO Kelly Bayer Rosmarin failed to portray any sense that she was ‘across‘ the problem (she wasn’t). Nor did she sufficiently portray empathy for those most impacted: business owners, stranded communters and vulnerable citizens who depend on their phone for a sense of safety.

This is unforgiveable for a business the scale of Optus. That said, your far smaller enterprise may also suffer from poor communications skills at a time of crisis and suffer the impact.

By the time the media come calling, it’s too late. Call today and we’ll discuss how Brett can help.

By the way: here my guide to apologising.

And join me in February for a quick bootcamp on crisis management.

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