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Presenters: you’ve got to move it, move it!

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A public speaking client with whom I’ve been working for three months proudly told me today that she’s finally emerged from behind the lectern.

It took a lot of work but that’s good news for her and good for her audiences.

You’d never expect a stand up comic to stand behind a lectern – that would kill the energy from the get-go.

There’s no doubt – there is a huge correlation between great public speakers and movement. Generally more movement = better presentations.

Moving while you present conveys confidence (whether you feel it or not) and engages audiences.

Moving as you speak – for all or some of your presentation – ups the energy and professionalism.

You needn’t be in constant motion. In stead of moving, consider relocating.

You might walk and talk for the Q&A session.

You may move closer to the audience to recall a story or make a reflection – that’s a nice way to add emphasis to a particular chapter of your presentation.

Also – never deny any natural inclination to gesticulate. In fact – I recommend exaggerating your hand and arm movement.

If you are not a free range speaker you need to:

A: familiarise yourself with you material to lessen your dependence on notes.

B: find moments that you can move – the intro, the Q&A, the story you tell etc.

C: find some courage and give it a go.

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