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Best Books on Public Speaking

Best Books on Public Speaking

Unlock public speaking mastery with these top recommended books.
Chat GPT’s public speaking tips 2

Chat GPT’s public speaking tips

Here are some tips for making a good keynote presentation.
public speaking trainer

Presenters: you’ve got to move it, move it!

A public speaking client with whom I’ve been working for

public speaking course

Developing key messages (misunderstood and over-rated)

Prospective clients often request workshops or courses to “develop key
Books for marketers

Books for marketers: Talk like Ted

Talk Like TED by Carmine Gallo. Recommended: for speakers who take the craft

public speaking pyramid

Behold the public speaking pyramid

There’s a lot of public speaking advice out there (our new

Powerpoint advice

Powerpoint advice – 90 seconds to happier audiences

Everybody complains about PowerPoint but nobody ever does anything about

al gore speak

Lessons from seeing Al Gore speak

Brett was rewarded for his contribution to the 2014 Al

putting yourself in the story

Straight to video: put thyself in the story

Time to premiere (unleash?) another video. This cinematic masterpiece is

Jim Carrey's speech

Lessons from Jim Carrey’s 90 second Golden Globe speech

Mathematically speaking, giving a short, sharp speech, such as an

I'm troy

Hi. I’m Troy and I’m a bisexual

Have you, with your professional reputation on the line, ever

How to make an apology

How to make an apology

Elton John said it best – sorry seems to be

How to fake confidence

How to fake confidence

I recently had the opportunity to lead my Presentation Savvy

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